How do you look after your lawn?

How do you look after your lawn?

How do you look after your lawn?

Depending on the time of year you will learn on what to look for. You can hire a professional to help look at your lawn to help diagnose or you can typically study on forums.

What’s the best way to maintain your lawn?

Hiring a professional to maintain your lawn is one of the better ways to help maintain your lawn. They can help identify issues, as they are trained to do. You can do it yourself if you have the time and knowledge.

What should I do to my lawn in the spring?

You should get your lawn cleaned up of any leaves. Turn your sprinkler system on (if you have one). Mow the dormant grass so you can wake it up from over the winter. You or a lawn care professional should put down a good fertilizer with weed prevention(timing is everything), and then later spring apply more fertilizer before it gets to hot.

How much is lawn care service?

Lawn care services usually depend on the size of the yard, and how many times we would be out the property every year. Other service such and landscaping maintenance costs different.

How much does it cost to have your lawn mowed?

This depends on if you want weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services. Also you have to take into consideration if you want your lawn string trimmed and edged. Prices usually start around $30 per week.

What is the best lawn care service?

Best lawn care service is someone who doesn’t try to sell you something that you don’t need.  Someone that you can trust to make your lawn look amazing

How do you do lawn maintenance?

I offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly mowing packages. I also offer customizable lawn care treatments. Which is fertilizer, weed control, and anything that can help prevent disease and/or insects.

Is lawn care service worth the money?

Yes, I believe it is worth it. I can typically treat your lawn for about what you can yourself, and I come out when the time is right and your lawn is ready.

When should I start lawn care?

Lawn care usually starts late February to early March, and that last until October- November, sometimes we have to pay attention to the weather.

What month should I start watering my lawn?

Late February- March, remember timing everything for certain weeds. The reason this one starts so early is because, we need to apply crabgrass prevention.

Should I rake my lawn after mowing?

I don’t recommend raking your unless you absolutely need to.  If you have tall grass when you mow and you have a bunch of grass clippings then yes you should rake your lawn.

How do you price lawn care?

It typically depends on your lawn size and how many times during the year we will be out there.

How much is lawn care monthly?

For like fertilizing and weed control we don’t offer monthly services.  That will just cause problems in the long run, however, mowing gets billed monthly and that also depends on lawn size.  Calling us for a free quote is best.

Is it better to leave your lawn long or short for winter?

I recommend leaving the grass a little longer for winter. It helps come springtime when you do the first mowing of the new year.

Will watering dead grass bring it back?

Watering does help bring back some dead grass. However, water won’t fix it all.  There could be more underlining issues such as fungus or insects, watering won’t bring those back.

How do I make my lawn perfect?

Good watering habits, not watering every day. Good fertilization, not too much. Mowing your yard with sharp blades and an adequate height.

How much does TruGreen charge for lawn care?

They are usually pretty cheap in price per application, but they are out there 6-7 times per year.  You also get what you pay for.

How do I kill the weeds in my lawn?

There are many options to control weeds in your lawn. You can go to the big box store, make sure to read the label so you know if it is safe for your grass type or doesn’t kill your grass type.

Is it OK to leave grass cuttings on the lawn?

As long as the clippings aren’t in big piles all of the yard, it is ok to leave clippings also known as mulching.  Mulch is just another way to keep good nutrients in the soil.

Is it bad to leave cut grass on the lawn?

You don’t want the clippings to just lay on top of the grass, you want them to be able to work themselves down into the soil.

Will leaving grass clippings kill grass?

If you leave the clippings in piles or clumps, then yes that can kill the grass in that area.

Is TruGreen lawn care safe?

Most of the time any chemical application is safe, as long as it is being applied in a safe manner.

Is TruGreen a good lawn service?

They are on the cheaper side, but you get want you pay for.

How do I choose a lawn care service?

When choosing a service provider, I think honesty is #1, also being prompt.

What product kills weeds but not grass?

There are many products out there that you can buy from big box stores. You can look for products called weed-b-gone, some roundup mixtures kill weeds and not the grass.

How do you kill weeds but not grass naturally?

You can boil water and then pour it directly onto the weed, you can also use vinegar and salt mixture.

When Should I spray my lawn for weeds?

Anytime they are present in the yard.  Typically the timing is springtime and fall when it is cooler out.  Try to avoid applying in the summer when the weather is hot.

What can I spray on my lawn for weeds?

Do some research on products and make sure to read the label. Or you can simply call a professional to come out and look the yard for a free quote.

What is the best product to kill weeds in the lawn?

There is no BEST product to kill weeds.  Promoting healthy and thick grass can prevent weeds from populating.

What will kill dandelions but not grass?

Read the label but most weed controls that are systematic will control broadleaf weeds.


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