Junk removal in Norman, Oklahoma is easy with us. We do all of the heavy lifting, hauling, loading, and more. Our team of professional junk removal experts can make sure that we can remove anything from your property. We do all of the lifting and loading, and we work to properly divert junk from landfills by recycling and donating what we can.

With our junk removal service, you just need to point out what you would like taken away. We can provide an obligation estimate based off of the size of the junk you have on your property. Our junk removal costs include everything from the lifting, labor, loading, and full disposal costs of the items.

We want to make sure that our junk removal services can be completed efficiently and that we can make sure that not everything will go to the dump. We want to make every possible effort to recycle and donate what we can from the materials that we remove. Our team works with a series of local charities and recycling centers to make sure that we can find appropriate uses for your junk and that they can go to people in need wherever possible.

We have plenty of experience removing a wide range of junk, including fridges, freezers, asphalt, gravel, couches, satellite dishes, scrap metal, books, pallets, hot tubs, electronics, mattresses, shingles, wood, furniture, and more. We can tackle any size of junk removal with professionalism and efficiency. Our staff are fully trained and insured and we want to make sure you can get back to a clutter-free lifestyle!

Contact us for our upfront pricing on junk removal, we can schedule a free on-site removals estimate and ensure that we can pick up and haul a variety of commercial and residential junk.