Don’t let your Spring lawn choke out your mower!!!

Spring Lawn root prep

Prevent Spring Lawn Overgrowth

This may be a foreign concept to many, but many tasks we perform for our Spring Lawn can actually cause us headaches come Spring. As a result of not knowing enough about your soil, you might fall into one of these situations; not winterizing, lack of pre-emergent applications,  and using the wrong fertilizers.

By time your cool season grass kicks in gear late-March to mid-April, the rainy season has swamped our yards and we find it difficult to keep up with the Spring Flush. One way to minimize this spring flush is to wait until the proper time to apply your spring fertilizers.

Spring Lawn Flush
Cut grass frequently with sharp blades for proper blade health.

Properly applied fall fertilizers will have slow release fertilizers. These allow your Spring grass to green up earlier without increasing the growth rate of your blades. After a properly applied fall weed and feed application, the next fertilizer application here in Oklahoma ought to be applied in May.

Prep Late Spring Turf for Long Summer

Why May? When applying fertilizer in March or early April, you’re likely doubling up on the nitrogen your blades and root systems have available. This will cause your grass to shoot off and you will be mowing every 2-3 days. This is why May makes sense. Many heavy rainfalls have passed, your fall fertilizer is exhausted, and your lawn needs prepped for long and hot summer months. This late Spring, early Summer application ought to focus on developing your root structure for depth. This allows the roots to absorb moisture from under the top dry layers of soil in our yard. Don’t forget proper watering practices.

Spring Lawn root prep
Proper fertilizer applications and watering schedules can ease your lawns summer stress!

So which fertilizers should you be applying in May? If you haven’t had a soil sample analyzed, it may be hard to tell. For instance, for quality root development you need to have your Phosphorus and Potassium levels at optimal levels. These nutrients are vital for overall health, stress resistance, and hardiness of your turf so they can survive the heat. Need a soil test performed but don’t want to do it yourself?  Get your Spring Lawn under control with Rejuvenate Lawn Care! Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Visit Sedgwick County Extension Office for your soil testing options! Rejuvenate Lawn Care can also help you keep on top of your turf cutting schedule by assisting with recurring lawn care services. Call Kyle today!

Spring Lawn Sod Install
Soil tests are important for sod and over-seeding tasks as well!

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